FPC Ltd. is a trading company, which main activity is conducting leasing transactions, and currently only finance leasing contracts are being signed.

The mission of the company is to support the development of industry in the state by offering the opportunity machines, technical equipment and vehicles to be bought on leasing.

FPC Ltd. was founded as a continuation of the "Machine Leasing" Project, conducted by the Business Support Center for Small and Medium Enterprises Ruse (BSC SME Ruse). The Austrian Federal Government through the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs financed this project.

FPC Ltd. was founded by the BSC SME Ruse as its only partner and owner.

Since October 2002 BSC SME assigned FPC Ltd. to serve some of the funds under “Wetlands Restoration And Pollution Reduction” Project.

On 19th May 2015 BC Leasing Ruse Ltd. was legally reregistered as FPC Ltd.